The Venerable Order of Signum Fidei of Antioch

The Venerable Order of Signum Fidei of Antioch is an ancient and noble order of the Knights Templar which formed in the Battle of Antioch. It composed of 8 chapters of Knight's Templar with 8 commanders over each chapter were defending Antioch. The Signum Fidea means the " Sacred Sign".

The Knights Templar was originally a subordinate organization of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. They founded the earliest banking industry, participated in the Crusades and made great contributions to the Christian side.

The Knights Templar is a classic example because of its close connection with religion and holy places, as well as its extraordinary wealth and political influence. Their work is on behalf of Christianity during the Crusades still circulate throughout modern culture.

Our aim is to uphold the values and traditions of the original medieval order.

Ying-chi Ngan

Knight Commander


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