Templar Order of Devout Christian

Templar: In the name of Christ, ordered by faith.

The Knights Templar is a religious and military order for the protection of pilgrims to the Holy Land, founded as the Poor Knights of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon in 1118. The Knights Templar is known as the "knighthood of Christ". The glorious road begins here.

We are fortunate to be Christians and this is the Lord's choice and grace. It is something that makes us feel honored and proud. Christians are entirely God's work to accomplish God's good will.

It is apolitical and philosophical, independent of any system and this in a spirit of chivalry and initiation of the Order. We are proactively engaged in an ongoing programme of spiritual, social and charitable works.

The Templar Order of Devout Christian encourages all followers of Jesus to join our order for dedicated Christian men and women who possess a strong desire to glorify God.

The Knight or Dame is only by invitation of the Grand Master, to be earned by meaningful interaction and demonstrated merit.


Ying-chi Ngan

Grand Master,  the Templar Order of Devout Christian

Knight Commander, the Venerable Order of Signum Fidei of Antioch

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