Global Citizenship Union is an organization of committed activists and supporters that come together to building a harmonious society, with its emphasis on peace, security, international law, economic development, human rights and to prevent future global conflicts.

Objectivity, independence and non-politicization are the cornerstones of freedom.


About Us

The core value of world citizens is to ensure world peace. Our duty is to promote PEACE through loving action, it comes from within heart. We seek a new peaceful era filled with many blessings for humanity. The power of words can change the world and it can also influence people's minds.

We operate independently because it does not need to be at the mercy of any government agency, and its resolutions do not require the approval of any body or the allocation of funds. This makes it possible to maintain a certain degree of independence and thus to represent the interests of the various groups in a relatively fair manner.

In order to maintain impartiality and independence, we do not accept funding from any government, business or political groups. .

GCU believes that a world community needs to be supported by a strong set of core values, including:
poverty alleviation
religious pluralism
basic human rights
humanitarian assistance
participatory governance preservation of cultural diversity
protection of the Earth's environment
sustainable world-wide economic growth
elimination of weapons of mass destruction cessation and prevention of conflicts between countries.


GCU's goal is to build a group of leaders who can promote the practice of global citizenship, engagement with and advocacy of policies and programs that reflect the values of a world community. GCU is a membership organization wherein people can access information about global citizenship issues, engage in global development advocacy efforts, and build their skills as global citizenship leaders.

Principles: GCU stands for the following four principles:

1. There is an emerging world community with a shared set of values.
2. People have the ability to think and act as global citizens, in addition to being citizens of their countries.
3. People from around the world need opportunities to participate in the development of solutions to the growing number of global problems challenging the world community.
4, Governmental institutions that seek to address global problems need mechanisms that help ensure greater engagement with and accountability to the people they serve.

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Secretary : Christina Hyslop- Ramsay

4 Cresthill Drive, Lower Greenwich, New Brunswick, Canada E5K4G6

Project Coordinator of the Risk & Humanity Center:

JuanLeonardo Vargas

3925 S. Jones Blvd apt.2059 building # 4 Las Vegas Nevada 89103 USA

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